Rim Yoseph

Rim Yoseph is interested in understanding the cellular mechanisms of demyelination and endogenous remyelination after traumatic spinal cord injury.

Ayala Allon

Ayala Allon studies how individuals filter irrelevant information in the visual environment, the underlying mechanisms that enable the improvement of filtering performance and individual differences in filtering ability.


Aseel Houmsse

Currently, I'm a senior set to graduate in December pursuing majors in Arabic and Neuroscience, with minors in WGSS and Creative Writing. At the moment, I'm interested in research relating to trauma/PTSD in developing brains.

Mike Rayo

Dr. Rayo’s research focuses on using computational and representational data transformations to design cognitive tools meant to improve overall system resilience over the widest possible range of expected and unexpected conditions. The goal of Dr.

Nicholas Jordan Shea

Nick is a PhD student in Music Theory at The Ohio State University. His recent work focuses on rhythm and meter in tonal music, which includes his thesis on metric schema and nationalistic trends in nineteenth century opera.


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