Allison Londeree

Broadly, my works seeks to accomplish the following goals: 1) Examine the intersection between cognitive control and affective processes and how these processes impact motivation and reward in day-to-day life, 2) Uncover the neural representations of these processes, specifically through advanced

Hubert Leveille Gauvin

Hubert Léveillé Gauvin is a PhD candidate in music theory at the Ohio State University. He’s interested in compositional and production practices in popular music. More specifically, his work examines paradigmatic changes in socio-cultural and economic environments and their impact on music.

Molly McKinney

I am a second year in the Neuroscience Program and would like to increase my involvement in research. I am currently working in Dr. Ahn's lab, but he will be leaving at the end of the summer.

Yang Shi

My research topics include generalized latent variable modeling and its parameter estimation, with a focus on item response modeling.

Frank Isabelle

I am interested in how language and grammar informs observer/participant conceptions and experiences of religion(s), the psycho-linguistics of the religious experience, theories of mind, and cognitive science in general.

Baldwin Way

 My work focuses on the bidirectional relationship between the immune system and social relationships. In particular, we are interested in how altering immune function with drugs like acetaminophen of ibuprofen affects social, neural, and psychological end points.


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