Jason Coronel

My research examines how the media environment, in combination with psychological processes, influences political decision making. My approach is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together concepts and data from behavioral, psychological, and neurobiological levels of analysis.

Derek Houston

My background is in infant speech perception. I received my research training at Johns Hopkins University investigating infants’ segmentation of words from fluent speech and their recognition of words across different talkers.

Woo-Young Ahn

Broadly, I examine the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying decision-making and self-control. By applying a decision-making framework, I investigate the neural mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders, especially addictive disorders.

Andrew Kissel

My interests include philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, and problems of free will.  I am particularly interested in belief in free will.  My research focuses on the philosophical implications of the role that experiences of choice, decision making, and acting play in the formulat

Lindsay Warrenburg

I am interested in music cognition, specifically in the power music holds to affect one’s emotional state. I would like to examine how the brain encodes emotional meaning through musical listening, by relating audition to higher brain functions such as emotion, memory, and perception.

Ewa Jacewicz

Ewa Jacewicz is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science. Her research program explores basic mechanisms of speech production and perception in the context of changing demographics and regional variation in the United States.


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