Nathaniel Haines

PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Associate

Nate Haines is a first year clinical psychology Ph.D. student in the CCS Lab. He received his B.A. in Psychology from the Ohio State University in 2015. After graduation, he worked in a psychiatric hospital (Dublin Springs) as a mental health technician, a lab manager in Trish Van-Zandt’s lab, and a lab manager in the CCS Lab. Nate is interested in the intersection between neuroscience, quantitative psychology, and clinical psychology – he wants to use computational modeling in combination with neuroimaging techniques (e.g. fMRI) to better understand the neural mechanisms underlying addiction and reward processing. The end goal of Nate’s research is to create objective test measures that can supplement current clinical diagnostic tools; these measures can then be used to create more individualized treatment plans.

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Department of Psychology
Psychology Building 144
RM 155
1835 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210