Science Sundays



Photo of Dr. Laurie Cutting

The Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences provides support to The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging to help promote this College of Arts and Sciences initiative each year. The 2019 CCBBI-sponsored talk, entitled "Educational Neuroscience: How the Brain Supports Learning in Children and Adolescents," was given on April 14th by Dr. Laurie Cutting of the Department of Special Education and Psychology at Vanderbilt University.  


Educational neuroscience draws upon cognitive neuroscience, education and psychology with the goal of examining neurobiological processes related to education. This presentation will provide an overview of this emerging field and the insights it can offer, using reading development as an exemplar and examining how neurobiological approaches inform and refine our understanding of how to identify and treat reading difficulties.

All Science Sundays lectures are held in the Ohio Union U.S. Bank Conference Theatre and are followed by an informal reception for lecture attendees. For more information on these events, please visit the Arts and Sciences Science Sundays webpage.