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Consilience: The CCBS Student Organization

Mission statement

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It is our belief that many of the scientific questions posed by the different disciplines reflect different approaches to the same underlying phenomena, rather than isolated queries unique to any particular discipline. It can only benefit our understanding of the underlying phenomena if we are exposed to the different scientific approaches used by fields outside of our own. Furthermore, it is important to develop the valuable skill of explaining, in an intelligible manner, what one is working on, to intelligent people outside of one’s own discipline. Consilience: The CCBS Student Organization will help to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborative projects aimed at combining different scientific approaches to understand the underlying phenomena. In addition, Consilience: The CCBS Student Organization will strive to increase awareness and communication between the disciplines so that graduate students can take advantage of what the disciplines outside of their own have to offer.


The group’s activities have included guest speaker events, providing group members with useful journals and literature, and holding social events to increase ties among students in the various disciplines represented within Consilience. To join Consilience, please contact: consilienceccbs@gmail.com

Consilience Executive Committee

Yonghao Wang - Leader - wang.6063@osu.edu 
Preston Lennon - Treasurer - lennon.76@osu.edu
Richard Samuels - Faculty Advisor - samuels.58@osu.edu