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Your donations support the Center's annual undergraduate researcher student scholarships. 

A note from the Director:

Promoting and sustaining diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Cognitive Sciences is a vital goal of the Center. If our academic pursuits are to be led by the most brilliant, creative, and hard-working individuals, then we must work to remove the many barriers that presently exist in prioritizing these criteria. One such barrier is a financial one. Consider that admission to PhD programs is greatly enhanced by undergraduate research experience, which is frequently unpaid. With approximately 25% of undergraduates working jobs for more than 15 hrs/week (American College Health Association, 2019), on top of a full course load, research time can be an elusive luxury. To begin to address this concern, we launched the CCBS Support Fund in February, 2020. With the proceeds, we aim to fund as many students as possible to do summer research while enrolled in the Undergraduate Summer Institute. We also seek to fund conference travel and other associated research costs. We would greatly appreciate your support toward these goals. 

Make an impact on a student's journey and the cognitive science field by donating today: Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences Support Fund (316896).