Speaker Series/Workshop Proposals

The Ohio State University Center for Cognitive Science is pleased to announce funding for the speaker series (or individual speakers) and workshops. The goal of the program is to disseminate cutting edge research in cognitive science to the Ohio State cognitive science community. The speaker series should focus on a theme that would attract cross-disciplinary cognitive science audience, bring external speakers or a combination of external and OSU ones (with at least a half being external), and span over one or two quarters.

Workshops should focus on advancing a particular methodology (e.g., experimental, clinical, computational modeling, model selection, or data analyses) or topic and bring external experts or a combination of external and OSU experts. We will also consider requests for individual speakers. In contrast to the speaker series, a workshop should have a more explicit training goal, bring all the speakers/experts to campus at the same time (rather than one at a time) and involve an intensive 1-3 day-long schedule.

Budgets for each speaker series/workshop may not exceed $7,000 (the most likely finding range would be $4,000-$5,000) and departmental and/or college cost sharing is welcome.

An application should include the following:

  1. A short description of the proposed series or workshop including its focus and target audience
  2. A list of potential presenters, their affiliations and major research foci
  3. An itemized budget and time line
  4. A cost-sharing commitment (if any)

Series and workshops that would be of interest to both faculty and students are strongly encouraged. Please upload items as a single .PDF file below or email the content to ccbs@osu.edu.

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