Summer Graduate Research Awards

The Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences is pleased to offer its annual Summer Graduate Research Award competition.

CCBS, together with participating faculty and departments, offers annual summer stipends to graduate researchers. The goal of the Graduate Research Award program is to support innovative interdisciplinary research in cognitive and brain sciences. Students with interdisciplinary interests are encouraged to apply.

Now accepting applications for 2024! Apply by March 10, see the instructions below. 

Applicant Information

Applicants must be matriculated graduate students at the Ohio State University working with faculty who are members* of the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CCBS). Applicants are asked to propose a research project in collaboration with primary and secondary advisors who carry affiliations in two different academic departments. The secondary advisor will be referred to as the “visiting department advisor". Proposed projects will be interdisciplinary and relevant to the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.   

Any student with a summer graduate appointment in the same semester of this award (GRA, GTA, or GAA) or fellowship is not eligible to apply. Former award recipients are eligible, but priority will be given to new applicants. CCBS awards cannot be deferred to any other session or year. 

Only one of the student's advisors is required to have status (i.e., M or P). However, both should hold a PhD or equivalent terminal degree.

Awarded students will be required to participate in the CCBS Undergraduate Summer Institute for one session. Awarded students are also strongly encouraged to attend the CCBS Fall Retreat. 

*Advisors who are not members should complete the CCBS Membership Form before submission of this application.

The 2024 application is now open!

Please email a completed application to by March 10, 2024. Applications should consist of the following elements:

  • Application: Download here
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • 2-page proposal of your interdisciplinary research project. The proposal will be evaluated on both intellectual merit and broader impacts. It should have specific, focused goals, and it should detail your planned activities (e.g., describe your experiments and/or research methodology).  A scholarly literature review is essential as well.  Please emphasize the interdisciplinary nature and benefits of the work.
  • Short description of all summer commitments outside of the proposed research, including credits enrolled, internships, and/or volunteer positions. Include how many hours per week you will spend on each commitment.

Signatures on the application can be collected in any format. This may include using DocuSign, a digitally signed PDF, or collecting a wet signature.  

Award notices will be sent the week of March 25, 2024. 

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Recipients!