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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Interested in undergraduate research experience?

CCBS takes pride in helping undergraduate students find research experience necessary to further their academic careers.

Review the list below of labs currently offering undergrad research positions. Offerings are updated every semester. Please contact the labs for more information. 


Cognitive Control Laboratory 

To be human is to be an organism dynamically embracing frequent change. How do we claim such flexible control of behavior, and what neural and cognitive factors give rise to it? This broad question continually inspires and guides our lab's work, which is best characterized as the study of cognitive control.

The lab's research on cognitive control has aimed to shed light on the following questions: 1) How do we focus on behaviorally relevant stimuli and ignore irrelevant stimuli? 2) How do we choose to implement control strategies, and what is the significance of individual differences in such choices?  3) How does our past experience guide our current control strategies?  4) How does our ability to engage in cognitive control fluctuate, and what can we learn from these fluctuations?  We have approached these questions using a variety of methods, principally behavioral measures, eye tracking, and functional MRI.

Principle Investigator - Andrew Leber, PhD