CogFest is an annual multi-day event brought to you by the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Every spring, CogFest gathers inquisitive minds from across the Ohio State University and beyond to discuss ongoing research in the Cognitive Science field. Bringing together real-life application of cognitive science, expert speakers, and current research, CogFest aims to excite experts and non-experts alike. Anyone interested in the cognitive sciences and affiliated sciences is welcome to attend. 

Check back for information on our 2022 CogFest event.


Film & Television Event 

At the CogFest Film and Television Event, expert and non-expert guests gather to view a screening of a film or television series. Guests are then treated to a discussion by leading experts in relevant fields to analyze the cognitive science themes underlying the film or television series. 

The CogFest Film and Television Event is a great opportunity for the Columbus community to become engaged in the cognitive sciences. By discussing the cognitive science behind your favorite films and series, we hope to inspire anyone and everyone to become interested in cogsci. The world of academia can feel elitist; however, we hope to dismantle this assumption by bringing cogsci to the public sphere. 

For information about our 2021 event visit the CogFest Film and Television Event Page


Undergraduate Poster Session

Ohio State undergraduates involved in research in the cognitive sciences are invited to participate in the annual CogFest Undergraduate Poster Session. The poster session is an opportunity to share ongoing research with the Cognitive Science community at Ohio State.

The CogFest Undergraduate Poster Session allows interaction between faculty and students from across the university who are exploring questions related to human cognition, including learning, memory, perception, language, and decision making, from behavioral, applied, computational modeling, and cognitive neuroscience perspectives.

For information about our 2021 event please visit the CogFest Undergraduate Poster Session Event Page.


CogFest is co-sponsored by CCBS and the Cognitive Science Club. To view information on past CogFests, visit our Program Archives