CogFest 2021


Photo of Human Brain


CogFest Film & Television Event - April 8th at 7pm EDT

Cognitive Science and The Good Place

Thursday April 8th at 7pm EDT

Guests joined us virtually over Zoom for a wide-ranging panel discussion on the cognitive science themes raised by the popular television series, The Good Place (NBC, 2016-2020). We brought together four experts in various cognitive science disciplines who are passionate about the series. They were excited to engage in questions from our audience. The event was free and open to everyone!

For more information about the event visit the CogFest Film and Television Event Page!


CogFest Undergraduate Poster Session

Virtual Undergraduate Poster Session 

March 29-31

Ohio State undergraduates involved in research in the cognitive sciences were invited to participate in the fourth annual CogFest Undergraduate Poster Session on March 29-31. The poster session was an opportunity to share ongoing research with the Cognitive Science community at Ohio State, who also are working on questions related to human cognition, including learning, memory, perception, language, and decision making, from behavioral, applied, computational modeling, and cognitive neuroscience perspectives. 

For additional information about the Undergraduate Poster Session please visit the Poster Session Full Schedule.

Co-sponsored by CCBS and the Cognitive Science Club