Colloquia 2014

"OSU Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)" – 11/7/14, CCBS Colloquium Series, with The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging

"The Functional Organization of Human Auditory Cortex" –  10/30/14 CCBS Colloquium Series. Dr. Nancy Kanwisher of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Gradient Symbolic Structure in Cognition" –  10/10/14, CCBS Colloquium Series. Dr. Matt Goldrick of Northwestern University

"Visualizing Human Mental Representations in Time and Space" – 10/2/14, CCBS Colloquium Series. Dr. Aude Oliva of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Meningiomas assessed with ex vivo NMR and in vivo 3D 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy: Determining biochemical markers of clinically aggressive behavior and providing a resection advantage" – 9/17/14, CCBS Colloquium Series, with The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging, Dr. Mark C Preul of the Barrow Neurological Institute

"Understanding Audition Via Sound Analysis and Synthesis" – 4/4/14, CCBS Colloquium Series. Joshua McDermott of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Statistical Word Learning: Behaviors, Mechanisms and Models" – 2/20/14, CCBS Colloquium Series. Chen Yu of Indiana University Bloomington

"The End of the Debate Over Extended Cognition" – 2/3/14, CCBS Colloquium Series, with Consilience Project. Anthony Chemero of the University of Cincinnati

"Distributed Neural Circuits, Not Circumscribed Centers, Mediate Both Face and Word Recognition" – 1/30/14, CCBS Colloquium Series. Marlene Behrmann of Carnegie Mellon University

"Conceptual and Epistemic Obstacles to Understanding Science" – 1/13/14, CCBS Colloquium Series. Andrew Shtulman of Occidental College