Vincent Billock

Research Associate Professor

I’m a biophysicist who does research on human visual psychophysics and theoretical neuroscience.  Much of my experimental work involves inducing perceptual catastrophes, like inducing subjects to see forbidden colors, forcing subjects to see specific hallucinations (instead of random ones), inducing binding failures (causing images to appear to melt and fragment), and violating perceptual causality.  All of this is fun but it has a serious point: we know that the visual cortex is a nonlinear dynamic system, but visual perception usually lives in a pseudo-linear neighborhood of its parameter space, good for us, but bad for visual understanding.  Perceptual causality failures become a tool of nonlinear systems identification.  My current focus is on modeling information combination in the brain, especially in color vision and sensory integration.  Recent models of information combination in rattlesnake and cat are leading to new models of human color vision.

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College of Optometry
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