Julie Golomb

Associate Professor
Executive Committee

My research explores the interactions between visual attention, memory, perception, and eye movements. I focus on the coordinate frames of visual representations, as well as how the brain represents object identity and location. Fundamental to my research is the question of visual stability: how our brains create such rich, seamless perceptual experiences from mere snapshots of visual input. For example, when we move our eyes to explore the world – as we do multiple times each second – the images sent to our brain are erratic snapshots, like a movie filmed by a jerky cameraman. Yet the world does not appear to “jump” with each eye movement. How do our brains achieve this feat? And what can we learn when it fails? I use a variety of tools in my research, including human psychophysics, gaze-contingent eye-tracking, fMRI, ERP, and TMS.  

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Department of Psychology
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