Alisha Janssen

Currently, I am a third year graduate student in clinical psychology at the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University. I am pursuing a doctoral degree in psychology with a minor in statistics and a concentration in neuroscience under the supervision of Dr. Ruchika Shaurya Prakash. My research has broadly focused on cognitive rehabilitation strategies in neuro-degenerative disease populations, with a specific focus on the multiple sclerosis population. My research aspirations include enhancing overall quality of life through the application of multi-modal training regimens in this population, as well as others. More specifically, my work involves investigating the dynamic functional neuroarchitecture of the brain, how it is affected by broad and targeted structural and functional insult, and the implications of these disease-related changes for behavior and other mental processes. As a member of the Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory, I have worked to design and implement viable, efficacious interventions capable of altering both the functional and structural organization of the brain. My current work utilizes both task-based and resting-state investigations in the relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis brain and focuses on understanding brain function from a networks analysis perspective. In these overarching themes of research, neuroimaging, particularly, fMRI, plays a driving, integral role in my work. After completing a behavioral intervention using cognitive training in RRMS for my master’s degree, I plan to implement a graph theoretical analysis of longitudinal and intervention data with multiple sclerosis to investigate the correlates of processing speed decline, and prophylactic factors associated with preserved cognitive functioning. In the future, I hope to enter into academia and continue this work as a full-time researcher in the field of clinical neuroscience.

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Department of Psychology
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