Andrea Schiavio

Post-doctoral researcher

My work combines empirical and theoretical research aiming to reach a new understanding of the nature of music cognition. Inspired by recent embodied and enactive approaches to mind, I wish to help developing a psychology of music that goes beyond traditional information-processing frameworks. My principal professional interests lie in: (i) the acquisition of musical skill in early infancy in and non-musicians, (ii) the role of action understanding for musical experience, (iii) the links between perception, emotion, action, and cognition, and (iv) the phenomenology of joint music-making. More in general, I see my work as a small contribution to the exploration of the thesis that cognition is sense-making. I maintain that a non-reductionist approach is necessary to understand mind and subjectivity, and that insights from mirror neurons' research, theoretical biology, and dynamic systems theory, may inspire a richer understanding of our being-in-the-world. 

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Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Lab
School of Music
Room 503, Mershon Auditorium
1871 N High Street
Columbus OH, 43210