Yang Shi

PhD Student

My research topics include generalized latent variable modeling and its parameter estimation, with a focus on item response modeling.

Specifically, (1) multiple manifest person categories such as a control group versus an experimental group in an experimental design, (2) multiple latent person categories (or mixtures or latent classes) such as a mastery group versus a non-mastery group in a cognitive test, (3) multiple manifest item groups that may lead to multidimensionality such as number operation, measurement, and representation item groups in a math test, (4) multiple manifest person groups such as schools where students are nested in a multilevel (or hierarchical) data structure, (5) multiple time points such as pretest and posttest in intervention studies, (6) intensive categorical longitudinal responses, and (7) non-repeated item designs in educational experiments. 

Photo of Yang Shi
Department of Educational Studies
315 Ramseyer Hall
29 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210