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Zheng (Joyce) Wang

Zheng (Joyce)  Wang

Zheng (Joyce) Wang

Professor, School of Communication


614 787-6969

3145 Derby Hall
154 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

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Zheng Joyce Wang (Ph.D. in Communications & Cognitive Science, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2007) is a Professor in the School of Communication, Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, and Translational Data Analytics Institute at the Ohio State University-Columbus. She directs the Communication and Psychophysiology laboratory.

One of her research interests is the use of real time and longitudinal data (e.g., psychophysiological measures, longitudinal life experience sampling) in conjunction with formal dynamic models to study how people process information, and how their attention, emotion, motivation, decision and choices are affected by the information. Another research interest of hers is to understand contextual influences on decision, cognition, and communication by building new probabilistic and dynamic systems based upon quantum rather than traditional classical probability theory. The theoretical development is used to address problems from media use and wellbeing, to the spread of misinformation over communication network.

She publishes in journals in communication and cross disciplines, such as Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Media Psychology, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Cognition, Psychological Review, and PNAS, and has won many best paper awards. She co-edited the Oxford Handbook of Computational and Mathematical Psychology (2015) and co-authored Cognitive Choice Modeling (MIT, 2021).  She served as a Board Member of International Communication Association and the Chair for Information Systems division. She is Associate Editor for Journal of Communication and for Computers in Human Behavior. Her research has been continuously supported by NSF and the DoD in the past decade. She is a Fellow of the International Communication Association.