Summer Graduate Research Award

Summer GRA 2019 Winners Announced!

The application period for 2019 was February 25 - March 8, 2019.

The goal of the graduate research award program is to support innovative interdisciplinary research in cognitive and brain sciences. Students with interdisciplinary interests are particularly encouraged to apply.

The 2019 rules and application can be found here: 2019 Application and Rules.pdf. The next application cycle will be open in February 2020.

Congratulations to the 2019 Summer GRA Winners!

Bethany Frick, Lexical Categories in Children with Autism who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Home Department: Speech and Hearing Science; Advisor: Allison Bean
Visiting Department: Psychology; Advisor: Laura Wagner

Eric Johnson, Using AI to Solve the Speech-in-Noise Problem
Home Department: Speech & Hearing Science; Advisor: Eric Healy 
Visiting Department: Computer Science and Engineering; Advisor: DiLiang Wang

Elizabeth Monzingo, MRI Investigation of Neural Differences in Aural Skills between Pianists and Non-Pianist Musicians
Home Department: Music; Advisor: Daniel Shanahan
Visiting Department: Speech & Hearing Science; Advisor: Yune Lee

Noor Murteza, Perceived Wellbeing of Designer Fractal Patterns, Visual Interest, Visual Preference, and mood responses
Home Department: Department of Design; Advisor: Elizabeth Sanders
Visiting Department: School of Music; Advisor: Anna Gawboy

Lindsey Reymore, Investigating the Neural Bases of Crossmodal Descriptions of Musical Timbre
Home Department: Music; Advisor: Dan Shanahan
Visiting Department: Speech and Hearing Science; Advisor: Yune Lee

Madison Sabatelli, Writing as a Cognitive Act for the Design Process
Home Department: Department of Design; Advisor: Mary Anne Beecher
Visiting Department: History; Advisor: David Staley

Ben Seicol, Neuromodulation of Neurogenic Inflammatory Circuitry in Vitro
Home Department: Neuroscience; Advisor: Candice Askwith
Visiting Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering; Advisor: Liang Guo

Nicholas Shea, Ecological Models of Communication in Vernacular Musical Styles
Home Department: Music; Advisor: Anna Gawboy
Visiting Department: Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design; Advisor: Vita Berezina-Blackburn

Ying Yu, Testing the Appearance of Change in 3D Shape in a Virtual-Reality Environment
Home Department: Psychology; Advisor: Alexander Petrov
Visiting Department: Department of Philosophy; Computer Science and Engineering; Advisor: Declan Smithies; Jian Chen


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